CNA agreement

CNA-SHV, the “FORFAIT-LAMAFER” service, a package of solutions that includes a whole set of activities specifically designed to simplify to the utmost all of the legal procedures related to waste treatment and registration. The idea behind this service is to relieve craft businesses of a series of bureaucratic duties so that they may operate serenely and in compliance with the continuously changing legal provisions. In addition to being a valid help in meeting the specific needs of every undertaking, the convention also generates considerable economic benefits thanks to the discounts reserved for the members. The agreement includes the annual scheduled collection of waste from the member’s production plant using vehicles that are also authorised to transport hazardous waste (ADR), and the performance of all of the tasks envisaged by waste management laws and regulations, such as the compilation of the FIRs (waste identification forms). The convention also provides for Lamafer to keep on file with its legal department, on the client’s behalf, the Waste Loading/Unloading Register and to see to its certification and compilation within the deadlines imposed by law. Another activity included in the Forfait-Lamafer convention is the compilation of the MUD (Single environmental declaration form) to be submitted to the competent bodies within the 30th of April of every year. In addition to these essential services, one of the factors that makes Lamafer especially proud of this convention is certainly the consulting service included in the agreement. This service includes a direct contact for specific requests regarding correct waste management (even with on-site visits), and the activation of a “chat line” dedicated to any questions or doubts regarding environmental issues (mobile number +39 331 1342338).



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