The only way to do great work
is to love what you do.

Steve Jobs

L'unico modo per fare un ottimo lavoro
è amare quello che fai.

Steve Jobs

L'unico modo per fare un ottimo lavoro
è amare quello che fai.

Steve Jobs

Lamafer provides consulting in how to correctly dispose of your waste, ensuring quick service and disposal procedures compliant with the laws in force.


Waste producers find it hard to keep abreast of the constantly evolving waste management regulations in Europe, in Italy and in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. Therefore we place our experience at your service to provide you with specialised environmental advice and specific solutions for any requirement, in compliance with the laws and regulations in force. With the support of expert consultants and accredited analytical testing laboratories, we are able to organise and handle your entire waste management chain, from waste production to document management.


To handle any request even outside the regional area, we manage waste and scrap recovery or disposal for third parties without acquiring it materially but through brokering transactions. We can access public and private markets and companies, quickly responding to any request for service and transport and anyhow managing the entire chain while ensuring waste traceability for the waste producer. We are registered in Category 8 of the Italian Register of Environmental Operators.


We rent shuttles, containers, press-containers, baskets and big bags so as to ensure the service we provide closely fits your logistic needs. Our fleet of vehicles can reach any destination within the Region and throughout Northern Italy, and also includes service with cranes and recovery in compliance with the ADR (hazardous goods) agreement. Moreover, in order to rid you of the bureaucratic ordeal of registering, we can provide our expert advice and assistance in compiling waste characterization forms, registers and MUD (Single environmental declaration form).


Compliance with the procedures is without a doubt one of Lamafer’s strengths. For this reason, in every phase of the process, we share with the waste producer the responsibility of its correct final disposal in full compliance with the laws in force and with regional and national regulations, sending it to authorised landfills and incinerators the selection of which is based on our ten years of experience in the sector.


The waste is carefully and accurately sorted by specialised personnel. This selection results in the recovery of material to be sent to the most suitable production sites (paper mills, furniture panel manufacturers, steelworks, etc.). Thanks to this work process, Lamafer can return to the circular economy approx. 80% of the product it receives, thereby positively contributing to correct environmental development.


We are a company with a strong family imprint that has been proudly operating in the region for decades and that cherishes work ethic values and the respect for human rights. Thanks to a close-knit team featuring high levels of professional expertise, we are ready to place our know-how and experience at your disposal. We have always considered our clients as partners for whom we accept the responsibility of relieving them of the burden of waste management in full accordance with the laws in force.

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